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REMINDER: Please do book tickets to our annual summer BBQ on the Goulburn Green. To reserve your tickets please contact Claire on 842320 or email

ANNUAL QUIZ : The Betchworth and Buckland Society had its annual quiz on Friday 8 February in Betchworth Memorial Village Hall. 

Normally this is well supported, but this year we had an excellent turnout of 107 eager contestants  in thirteen teams all vying to show off their brains and knowledge.  The quizmaster was the redoubtable and capable Charles Hardy who tested the mental faculties of those present, with a wide range of question topics, from American Presidents, Surrey writers  and the ingredients of cocktails. The winning team comprised the Seymours, Gibsons, Rustons and Smiths, whose team was called Thrown Together. They won a new silver cup, specially engraved. 

During the evening a fine cottage pie supper was supplied by Sarah Bloomfield of the Plough at Leigh which was appreciated by all, judging by the few scraps left. 

Claire Daniell and Tamlynne Chapman capably masterminded the evening, supported by Jackie Ellison, Pat Frankland and Mike Gibson, to whom many thanks must be given. 


Last year in celebration of the 60th anniversary of The Betchworth and Buckland Society. The committee decided to celebrate by making donations to local good causes within the Betchworth and Buckland parishes. Last year we were fortunate to be able to make donations to all who requested something. We are able to repeat that again this year, and would be pleased to hear of other nominations from worthy organisations with a local connection. As a general guide we have favoured schools, care homes, children groups, church fabric funds and wildlife and environmental groups. We also keep a watchful eye on Gatwick airport expansion threats and have historically supported GACC. If you would like to nominate a worthy local cause please email before Thursday the 28th February 2019.


On Sunday 16 December 2018, 60 members and guests gathered to enjoy Christmas drinks in Buckland Reading Room. There was a wonderful spread of canapés which had been carefully organised by the hardworking committee. The Chairman took the opportunity to give leaving gifts and thanks to three departing committee members, Fiona Brindley, Anthony Eisinger and David Lynch.




Autumn Lecture - 12 October 2018 Buckland Reading Room - Speaker Max Rosenberg Chairman of the Surrey branch of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)

CPRE works locally and nationally to stand up for the countryside and protect it from the threats it faces, and to shape its future for the better.  Max spoke about CPRE’s work in Surrey, and recent successes in stopping speculative development in the Green Belt.

Village Summer BBQ on Buckland Green - July 2018

The Betchworth & Buckland Summer barbeque took place on Sunday 1 July on Buckland Green.  The June heatwave obediently continued to favour us. A record ninety adults and twenty-five children attended, generously nourished by Sarah Bloomfield’s outside catering. Earlier in the day Family Activities for Betchworth and Buckland organised an agile and good natured children’s entertainer who proved adept at capturing the youngsters’ attention. 

Many hands make light work, and the day had been planned for some weeks beforehand by Fiona Brindley, supported by Alan’s marquee logistics, and Jeremy Martin’s furniture delivery, as well as Dave Lynch, Tamlynne Chapman, Claire Dobson, Anthony Eisinger, Jackie Ellison and Paul and Madeline Rietchel, and several other spouses and partners of the committee. 

What is always encouraging to see at these Society Events is how everything is dismantled and removed at the end by so many willing guests.”


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